Cow without Tail: Book 1

Cow without Tail: Book 1
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Cow without Tail
Book 1
by Godwin Boswell Akubue

Until the lions produce their own historians, the story of the hunt will glorify only the hunter.

This saying lamented by Albert Achebe, a renowned Igbo writer, leads the direction of this carefully researched book about the connections of the Igbo people and culture to their assumed ancestors, the Jews.

Godwin Akubue tackles the various areas that connect the Igbo people of Nigeria—customs, beliefs, genealogy, etymology, etc.—to their long lost brethren of the past following the Diaspora, which drove ten out of the twelve Israeli tribes out of the holy land. In an unbiased manner, Akubue lays out every piece of evidence culled out from books, publications, speeches, and works of other people believing that the Igbo of Nigeria are descendants of the Jews.

Cow without Tail, by Godwin Boswell Akubue, is a treatise building the case of the lost tribe of Israel on their longed-for Jewry recognition.

About the Author

Godwin Boswell Akubue is an educated man in several areas of science, including chemistry, laboratory science, and medical science. Fifty-four now, he lives in Ukiah, California, with his wife, Monica, and his four children, namely, Augusta, Justice, Hope, and Promise. Being part of community organizations and clubs does not deprive him time for his hobbies like listening to folk music, doing adventures, playing chess, and of course, writing. He has written several cultural essays in local and international journals, and this one is specially made to help define a true Igbo identity in Nigeria.

(2013, paperback, 308 pages)


Cow without Tail: Book 1 (eBook)
Cow without Tail: Book 1 (eBook)

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